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March 9, 2012 | by Radio-Coteau

Cameron + Company is a boutique publishing house, creating and distributing quality books and calendars with a focus on photography, art, architecture and publications of regional interest. Visit their website

Written by Joe Mesics, late owner of Timbervine and our friend, Vit Lit captures a unique perspective into the life of an old timer’s winegrowing journey. “From grape to glass, Joe Mesics invites us to join him on a wine road less traveled—the one that the furrowed-brow grape grower takes everyday.”

Gwendolyn Meyer’s exceptional photography and introspective into the oyster world’s past, present, and future takes the reader on a colorful, educational path of the complex, yet pure, world of this tremendous and lovable bivalve. Radio-Coteau’s La Neblina Pinot Noir is paired with The Marshall Store’s Fish Stew on page 113. “Oyster Culture looks at the rich intersection between oyster farming and culinary culture in this unique habitat in Northern California, which has remained relatively pristine due to conservation measures and agricultural land trusts.”

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