Radio-Coteau (rā’ dē ō - kō tō’) adj. A colloquial expression suggesting “word of mouth.” Region: Northern Rhone.
Literal Translation: broadcasting from the hillside.

Radio-Coteau works closely with select cool-climate coastal vineyard sites in Western Sonoma County and Anderson Valley to produce wines with vibrant, balanced fruit and a distinct sense of place. Focus is on organic, detailed viticulture in conjunction with a natural, non-interventionist approach in the cellar to more accurately reflect the unique character of each site and season. The winery is situated in Sebastopol, and the estate vineyard is located in the hills above Occidental, California.

Established in 2002 by Winegrower and Proprietor Eric Sussman

2014 Vintage
Following one of the driest calendar years on record, the drought largely defined the 2014 winegrowing season. A dry winter, a mild mannered spring and a warm summer prompted the vines to nuture concentrated grapes, and ultimately led up to a very early harvest.

After an unusually arid winter with intense frosts throughout December, February spring rains provided a bit of relief. Though we could have used more, this precipitation was enough to relax a little bit, while budbreak pushed a few weeks earlier than normal. Additional rain in early April fell just in time to soak into the surrounding countryside, bringing seasonal precipitation levels from very low to below average. Here in West County, a warm spring full of increasing sunlit hours paved the way for successful flowering and a healthy fruit set. In Anderson Valley a few Pinot Noir blocks experienced hard winter stress, ultimately resulting in reduced yields.

The accelerated dry season growing conditions continued through most of the summer months. Several 3-day heat spells of 90+ degrees, and thus plenty of sunshine, were peppered throughout June and July. Signs of veraison were already visible by the middle of July. According to the Sonoma County Winegrowers weather tracking, the Growing Degree Days eventually surpassed those of 2013 (season-to-date) by the start of August. During the last few weeks of August we enjoyed two weeks of cool mornings with plenty of fog. These cooler weather patterns enabled even ripening and more hang time to develop deeper flavors. Harvest still came early.

Harvest began August 23rd, five days earlier than 2013, with Pinot Noir from the Alberigi vineyard. Sections of Laguna and blocks of the Hallberg Ranch quickly followed. The fruit ripened early, and it ripened all at once. October began with a lengthly high-pressure system that brought temperatures well into the 90’s for 5 straight days. We made the call to bring in the rest of what was still hanging before any chance of dessication could compromise fruit quality. All of our grapes (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Riesling, Zinfandel) were in fermenters by the first week of October, and the fruit looked exceptional with clean, turgid, baby clusters.

Following suit, 2014 is another solid vintage. The lack of available water seemed to have stressed the vines just enough to nurture a balanced crop load, and the wines from 2014 exhibit engaging density with strong aromatics and heightened vibrancy.

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Winegrower Eric Sussman first heard the expression radio coteau from a friend while living and working in Burgundy. More than a preference for how you discover these wines, the name reflects a commitment to capturing reflections of soil, seasons, people and place.

Radio-Coteau supports land and marine-life conservation and educational practices by returning a portion of Orfin Lotts satellite wine sales to community-based organizations which inspire us.

Inspired by the traditional yet endangered telemark ski turn and free-heelin’ backcountry access, Orfin Lott's Pinhead Red was born. This red is a hearty yet refined mountain wine that was handcrafted for the express purpose of returning the bounty of the land to the communities and causes that inspire us. A portion of the proceeds of Pinhead Red is donated to The School Garden Network for creation and support of sustainable garden and nutrition-based learning programs for students in Sonoma County. 


Vince “The Hat” Pedroia's cowboy poetry, from his collection A Mano:

"A Mano"
"Horseshoe Bend"
“Disguised” Poem on Giclee Print

Vince Pedroia planted
Cherry Camp Vineyard in 2001.

©2011 by Vince Pedroia
All Rights Reserved
For additional copies, or to
purchase the collection or the
print, email

Above: Local artist Claude Smith showcased some of his beautiful pieces at Radio-Coteau 's Fall 2012 Open House. Born and raised in N.Y.C. in a family of visual artists, he has had one-man and group exhibitions in N.Y.C galleries beginning in 1968 and has had shows in Toronto, San Francisco, Europe and throughout northern California. Claude resides and maintains a studio in Graton, CA. Check out his work online


**We were delighted when Renga owner and matermind Joe Szuecs featured artwork and performed acoustic guitar at our Spring 2012 Open House**

Renga Arts produces and sells art, both fine and functional, made from reclaimed, salvaged, and recycled materials. They have joined reknowned folk artist, Patrick Amiot, to create a showcase for exemplary works from the finest artists and craftspeople working with salvaged materials. Along with world class folk and fine art, they strive to offer creatively inspired objects of everyday utility. Needless to say, a wealth of items fit into this category -- birdhouses, furniture, bowls, jewelry, and garden accessories are just a few examples.
They represent a growing number of talented and inspired artists and vendors, both local and international, that create inspiring handmade works for you and your home.

Vit Lit Oyster Culture

Cameron + Company is a boutique publishing house, creating and distributing quality books and calendars with a focus on photography, art, architecture and publications of regional interest. Visit their website

Written by Joe Mesics, late owner of Timbervine and our friend, Vit Lit captures a unique perspective into the life of an old timer's winegrowing journey. "From grape to glass, Joe Mesics invites us to join him on a wine road less traveled—the one that the furrowed-brow grape grower takes everyday."

Gwendolyn Meyer's exceptional photography and introspective into the oyster world's past, present, and future takes the reader on a colorful, educational path of the complex, yet pure, world of this tremendous and lovable bivalve. Radio-Coteau's La Neblina Pinot Noir is paired with The Marshall Store's Fish Stew on page 113. "Oyster Culture looks at the rich intersection between oyster farming and culinary culture in this unique habitat in Northern California, which has remained relatively pristine due to conservation measures and agricultural land trusts."

Ted Andersen's Agency
Ted Andersen's Agency at Radio-Coteau We met up with local Sebastopol artist Ted Andersen at a brewpub in Santa Rosa one thirsty afternoon in Fall 2011. Just a couple weeks out was our open house weekend, and we were honored to showcase his extradorinary work. This piece is known as The Agency. Check him out at
Below: 2010 La Neblina night harvest filmed and edited by Anaïs Radonich Galvin of Farm + Cellar.

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